Festive looks to make a big bang into the New Year

Christmas and new years eve are around the corner so we made a top 5 of cool items to wear for these festivities.

1. Bowtie

Some people have specific dresscode’s for christmas so please be aware that a bowtie is not suitable for every occasion. Only black tie related events require a bowtie. In other cases it takes a lot of confidence to pull off a bowtie. However the fabric of the bowtie really determines the formality of the tie. Cotton or wool is always more casual than silk or velvet. In the end it all comes down that an outfit is a match if you wear it with confidence, as that is the best outfit.

velvet bowtie.jpg

2. Velvet

Velvet has a very rich structure and is also very much in fashion currently. It has always been a classic fabric, but velvet items are flooding the high street fashion stores at the moment. Especially for the holiday season it looks very festive. For men we recommend a nice velvet blazer, very useful for NYE, but also a great look for weddings when combined with a nice pair of trousers. If you want to go easy on the velvet but still give it a go, we recommend a bowtie or tie.

3. Red or Burgundy trousers

A nice colour for the season would definitely be red. A pair of red or burgundy chino’s can make an outfit instantly festive. For NYE we would recommend to wear it with a blazer and a crispy white shirt. Also a pair of chino’s are very easy to combine after with a sweater or t-shirt and sneakers. So we see it as a good investment.

4. Blazer

We just talked about a velvet blazer but actually most blazers are very appropriate during NYE. We think all men should at least have one nice blazer in their closet. If you think a blazer is too dressed, no worries. Lately you also see a lot of blazers in the form of a vest. It looks dressed without being too stiff. Currently we have a lot of different types of blazers so please feel free to ask any questions regarding blazers if you want to order one.


5. Colourful accessoires

You can instantly spice an outfit up with cool accessoires. Socks, a bowtie, a pochet you name it. Currently we have really cool socks from Burlington, Happy Socks & Pierre Cardin. Through a colourful sock your outfit can get a twist whilst still looking sophisticated. Pochet’s are also a very nice ad in a blazer. Your blazer can get a total different look by just adding a pochet. A great tip pochet’s really do not have to be expensive. If you like a nice piece of fabric you can also use it as a pochet 😉

We wish everyone a wonderful christmas. If you wish to enter the new year stunning contact your personal shopper.





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