On a budget to the Maldives

When you fill in “honeymoon” on google the chance of seeing a pictures of the Maldives is quite big. This idyllic destination is the place to be for newly weds. If you have a big budget it’s not so difficult to get there and stay in one of the resorts with white beaches and clear blue sea where the pictures truly come to life. It used to be very difficult to go to the Maldives on a budget however since a while that has changed.


About 7 years ago the government changed the rules and regulations on the Maldives and ever since guesthouses have been welcomed on the local islands. Tourists are now able to see how the Maldivian live true their own eyes. Most tourists are not aware that the Maldives have changed, therefore there are still a lot of quiet places with hardly any tourists. The prices of the guesthouses lay around 80,-/90,- dollar incl. breakfast. This is completely different opposed to the resorts where the average is around 400,- dollar for a room, without any food or beverage. To reserve a room in the guesthouses the most common tool to use is still booking.com.

The Maldives exist out of 1190 coral islands. Most flight arrive at Male also know as HulHumale. The island of Hulhumane is not the most beautiful one of the 1190 so we would recommend taking a boat or if you want to splurge, a water airplane. Take into account that most private boats ask a lot to travel from one place to the other. You can also take a ferry but they do not go as often.


The population on the locals islands are mostly Muslim. Therefore most of the local islands have Muslim rules and regulations meaning no alcohol and you also need to dress appropriate. There are some beaches where they let tourists sun-bade as in most muslim countries it is not accepted to have tourists running around in bikini’s. As the Maldives are Muslim this also entails that the local restaurants do not serve alcohol. If you do feel like a good glass of wine or beer then you can take a boat to one of the resorts, as they do serve it.

The Maldives is a great place to go diving. Our colleague got his pedi in Thoddoo. Apparently there are turtles in and around the island so fantastic to see while snorkeling plus the beaches are very big and have hardly any stones. It’s a relatively rich island with great land to grow vegetables and fruit and also has less rain due to it’s location and ground.

Good to know is the the local islands are not big meaning there are also not a lot of restaurants. On the resorts you have luxurious restaurants & spa’s but do not expect them on the local islands. In general you eat fish & basic and no wine of course.


The best period to go to the Maldives is between December and February. This period it’s the dryest and warmest, the beaches the biggest and if the sun is full out you have great lightning for diving.

Nice fact: The government is currently also selling Islands. Not that it fits within everybody’s budget but for 3 million dollar you can have your private island.

A lot op people are going on vacation with christmas and after hearing the stories of our colleague we can’t wait to hit the beach.

If you’re also planning on going on vacation and need an outfit for the season please do not hesitate to contact your personal shopper. Of course it does not only have to be a sunny destination ;).



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